Tin Knocker® T-D-P Roll Former

At last, an affordable, full service, high quality transverse duct connector machine!!!
It is versatile, too. This 14 station roll former comes standard with the T-D-P rolls and the Clip rolls outboard, leaving the center tool space for other profile rolls. This T-D-P roll former will roll sheet metal into leak proof, sealable T-D-P flanges at speeds of up to 50 fpm, automatically! Start saving time and money by forming your own T-D-P flanges – with their snap on corners – and eliminate spot welding altogether.  The T-D-P roll former works with Autolock stiffeners to greatly reduce tie rod and angle iron use.


Product Description


Weight: 3450 lbs
Dimensions: 38 x 136.75 x 46 in
Capacity: T-D-P 18-24 ga. for T-D-P Uses approx. 1-7/8″ of material on T-D-P 50 feet per minute T-D-P Clip (min. length 20″) 22 ga. 2-1/8″ 2 1/8″
Forming Sections: 14
Shaft Diameter: 1.25″
Passline: 38.625″
Forming Speed: 50fpm