Welcome To Tin Knocker, Your Source For Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery

Welcome to Tin Knocker! We are a family owned and operated business founded on the need for quality sheet metal working machinery with a focus on customer service. Nearly two decades ago we started with just a few good machines. Through dedication to customer service and quality machinery, we have grown into a multinational brand with over 50 Tin Knocker models, as well as an inventory of used and demo machines from other brands. Our purpose is to provide you with quality, value packed, sheet metal fabrication machinery when you need it!

New Machines

Our Tin Knocker brand of low-tech sheet metal fabrication machines are designed with small to mid-size mechanical contractors in mind. We strive to provide high quality machinery at a price that small to midsize shops will find affordable. We manufacture a variety of machines common to the industry such as:

- Bar Folders
- Beaders
- Benders (manual)
- Brakes (manual)
- Combination Machines
- Flangers and flanging attachments
- Notchers
- Punches
- Rolls
- Roll Formers
- Shears
- Slitters

We also offer our Pittsburgh Air Hammer, and our own Wizard Plasma Table. All of our new machines are sold with a one-year warranty. Whether you need one machine, or you need to outfit an entire shop, we have what you want and need at a price for your budget. All our machines are sold through local distributors throughout the country.

Used And Demo Machines

We are happy to offer high quality used equipment from other manufacturers! Used equipment and machines can be a great way for you to add more machines to your shop for a lower cost. Due to the nature of selling used and demonstration equipment, our stock of these machines changes regularly and we generally only have one of each piece of equipment, but we carry these in a variety of commonly used machines and specialty tools to include:

- Bar Folders
- Benders
- Beaders
- Manual Brakes
- Manual Hand Machines
- Notch and Punch
- Roll Formers
- Rolls
- Shears
- Slitters
- Spot Welders
- Plasma Tables
- Miscellaneous

Check out our inventory of used machines here on our website frequently! If we don’t have a used or demo piece of sheet metal machinery you need now, we may have one in the future.

Our Dealers And Printable Product Information

Currently we sell our products and machines only through distribution. Stocking dealers are as follows: In the western United States we sell through Johnstone Supply. In the Central and Mid Western states you can find our machines through Hybroco Sales, Inc. and Cincinnati Precision Machinery. In the southern part of the country look for us at Tex-Form, and in the eastern part of the country we are sold by R.E. Michel Co. and Sierra Victor Industries. This information is available on our website and you can also call us anytime for dealer information. For more information on our products such as:

- Price List
- Current Specials
- Catalogs
- Manuals

Please refers to out Printables tab. There you will be able to view and print these documents regarding all of our products, prices and warranty information.

Contact Tin Knocker Today

We want to be your sheet metal machinery supplier! We are proud of our family owned and operated company, we have almost 20 years of manufacturing, testing and refining of our machines so you can trust in our product’s quality. We stand behind our machines and have a full year warranty on our products. We sell nearly 50 different sheet metal fabrication machines under our name, as well as quality used and demo machines from other manufacturers, so we are ready to help you outfit your shop, or add to it with our industrial quality machines. Check out the Contact page to fill out the email form or simply call us now with any questions you have. Thank you for considering Tin Knocker for you sheet metal machinery needs!