TK Fourplex S & Drive w/Slitter Attach


With Automatic Blank Slitting

ANOTHER MACHINE THAT PAYS FOR ITSELF IN SAVINGS!  Imagine being able to pick up scrap behind your shear and within seconds, turn that scrap into usable product.  Imagine no more.  Here is a machine that comes with two slitter rolls and four roll sets, two of which is your included choice.  Outboard rolls can be selected from a list of available profiles (Pitts, Button Lock, Right Angle Flange, 4-in-1).  HERE IS THE VALUE, value from scrap and labor savings, multi-functional service, speed and flexibility.  The TK Fourplex comes with S & Drive Cleat down the center and choice of rolls for the outboard shafts.  Common configurations are:  Male & Female 20 Ga. Button Lock or 20 Ga. Pittsburgh and 4-in-1 Rolls on the opposing side.  NO OTHER STANDARD ROLL FORMER HAS FASTER PAYBACK.

In stock.  Available from your local supplier.

Compare! Other brands $18,000-$20,000!

TK Roll Former, Fourplex S & Drive Manual


Drive Cleats 20-26 Ga.
S Cleats 22-28 Ga. 20-28 Ga.ight Angle Flange 22-26 Ga.
Standing Seam 22-26 Ga
Tee Connection 22-26 Ga.
Male & Female Button Lock 20-24 Ga.
Slits & Feeds S & Drive Rolls

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Product Description


  • Weight: 1280 lbs
  • Dimensions: 74″ W x 30″ L x 50″ H
  • Cleat Width: 1 1/16″
  • Drive Cleat Width:1 1/18″
  • Capacity: See features
  • Motor: 5 HP (1800 RPM) 230 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz “S”
  • Speed: 100 FPM