TK S&Drive Plus Cleat Former (5HP,230/3/60)


This machine pays for itself in scrap and labor savings!  A versatile machine of multi-functions.  It slits the blanks to width and feeds either of the two roll roll sets.  The machine comes standard with your choice of two sets of tooling.  Most common examples:  20 Ga. Pittsburgh and 4-in-1 Rolls and Male & Female 20 Ga. Button Lock.  It is fast, too.  Many other roll sets to choose from… two sets included.  The slitting feature allows you to quickly and easily turn scrap metal into usable product.  FAST, FAST PAYBACK.

In stock and available from a local supplier.  We can deliver!!

Tin Knocker S & Drive Plus Manual

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Product Description


  • Weight: 890 lbs
  • Dimensions: 69 x 29 x 49 in
  • Capacity: 22-28 Ga for S Cleat (1 1/16 width) 20-26 Ga for Drive Cleat (1 1/8 width) 20-28 Ga Pittsburgh
  • Motor: 5 H.P. motor 230/3/60
  • Speed: 90 FPM